San Jose Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer

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Today’s volatile economy has created extreme financial issues for millions of individuals. Our California legal team understands the stress and anxiety associated with significant financial hardships. We provide comprehensive bankruptcy representation to help you achieve the debt relief you deserve.

We are dedicated to navigating our clients through the Chapter 7 filing process with as little stress as possible. Our San Jose Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney, W. Kirk Moore, possesses sophisticated finance knowledge and has personally handled thousands of bankruptcy filings. At the Law Offices of W. Kirk Moore, bankruptcy is all we do.

Chapter 7 Basics

There is a common misconception that filing for bankruptcy means you will lose all of your assets. In most cases, you can file for Chapter 7 and still keep your house, car, 401(k), Social Security and other pensions.

The purpose of filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection is to get your unsecured debts discharged. While you are not able to get certain taxes, school loans or marital support obligations discharged, Chapter 7 can help you eliminate a wide range of debt, including:

  • Credit card bills
  • Medical debt
  • Personal loans
  • Pay day loans

The Benefit of the Automatic Stay

Filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 provides the benefit of the automatic stay, which legally prevents creditor harassment. The automatic stay protects you from creditors calling, writing or contacting you in order to collect on your debts.

The automatic stay also enables you to achieve debt relief without worrying about creditors taking legal action against you. Creditors are unable to pursue lawsuits and other actions, such as:

Our legal team is dedicated to helping you achieve debt relief. We can review your means test results to determine the best form of bankruptcy protection for your needs.