Remove Your Second Mortgage in San Jose

San Jose Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer - Lien Stripping

Volatile economic fluctuations have created substantial financial hardships for millions of individuals. These fluctuations also affected the real estate market, creating entire communities of upside-down homes.

At the Bay Area Law Offices of W. Kirk Moore, our experienced legal team can help you remove a second mortgage on your house. Under Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection, you can establish a debt repayment plan to repay your first mortgage arrears. Our lead attorney, W. Kirk Moore has handled thousands of bankruptcy filings. We can evaluate your financial situation from every angle to determine the best course of action.

Remove Liens Through Chapter 13

Our California legal team has extensive experience stripping second mortgages in San Jose and throughout the Bay Area. The property does not have to be your primary residence. You simply need to prove to the Bankruptcy Court that the value of the home is less than the debt owed on your first mortgage.

At the Law Offices of W. Kirk Moore, we have established a professional network of real estate professionals. We can help you get a cost-effective certified appraisal of your home. Once you obtain the appraisal, we will file it with the court to have the lien removed. We are committed to helping you achieve the debt relief you deserve.